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How to Book a Gaming Room at The Grand Strategium

1. Select Your Date: Choose the preferred date for your gaming session on our booking form.

2. Pick a Time Slot: Browse the available time slots and select one that suits you.

3. Fill in the Booking Form: Provide necessary details like your name, contact information, and the number of players.

4. Game Size: Using the dropdown menu, let us know your game size. If you're unsure about the table size you'll need, don’t fret! If we have bigger tables available and there's capacity on the day, you can be upgraded at no extra charge.

5. Pricing: Each table session is priced at £5 for a duration of 3 hours. Extended play beyond the 3-hour limit is possible, free of charge, if there are no subsequent bookings. We want you to make the most out of your gaming experience!

6. Finalise Your Booking: Once you've filled in all the necessary details and reviewed your booking, confirm and Simply pay at the door!

7. Come and Play: On the day of your booking, arrive at The Grand Strategium a little before your session starts. Our staff will guide you to your reserved table. You can then make use of our terrain, gaming mats and enjoy your game on our tables.

8 Refreshments: Battle-weary Generals, adventurous Pokémon Trainers, and strategic masters alike, we have fairly priced refreshments for all! Quench your thirst and recharge with our gamer-friendly snacks and beverages.

We look forward to hosting you and ensuring you have a fantastic gaming experience at The Grand Strategium!

Main gaming room

180 Mins
Total Amount
£ 5

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